Local Apples Served @ Atlanta Public Schools

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Local produce at Atlatna Public Schools by Sodexo. Localy grown apple are currently being served the the studetns of the Atlanta Public Schools.

Small, local farms are run by farmers who live on their land and work hard to preserve it. They protect open spaces by keeping land in agricultural use and preserve natural habitats by maintaining forest and wetlands. By being good stewards of the land, seeking out local markets, minimizing packaging, and harvesting food only when it is ready to consume, farmers can significantly reduce their environmental impact. In fact, studies show that sustainable agricultural practices can actually increase food production by up to 79% while at the same time actively reducing the effects of farming on climate change through carbon sequestration .. (via sustainabletable.org)

National School Lunch Week

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This is just an example of how eating healthy can be fun. Guest chefs visited Garden Hill Elementary to talk with students about how important is to take care of their bodies by eating right.  Guest chefs and cafeteria staff members also exchanged ideas on different techniques to offering kid friendly healthy meals.